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Our Audio Technology & Capabilities

For SPEAKERS and MIXER, All About Sound utilizes the superlative, extra-fidelity audio technology of Bose Professional audiophile products.  Our objective is to deliver truly exceptional sound quality and audio energy, in a rapidly deployable form factor, that can be audience-ready in as little as fifteen minutes of arrival.  Because of the thoughtfully engineered design, the simple setup procedure, and lack of complications, nearly anyone can put on an incredible event with confidence.  The impact, force and unbelievable clarity of the Bose Professional system will completely fill a ballroom with voluminous, precision sound.  The Bose line array speakers are minimalist in appearance and never take away the focus from the performance or artist / orator. 



For MICROPHONES, All Access Sound provides many exceptional, top-of-the-line vocal and instrument cardioid and super-cardioid wired and wireless microphones by Shure and Sennheiser.  We also have multiple excellent microphone solutions for brass, percussion, stringed and wind instruments.



  • Shure SM58

  • Shure BETA 57A

  • Shure BETA 58A

  • Sennheiser e835

  • Sennheiser e935

  • Sennheiser e945


For ELECTRICAL POWER, All Access Sound utilizes silent and efficient LIONENERGY electric inverters (think portable battery packs) that will power the full system under load for up to 12 hours.  We also have quiet (48db) Honda gasoline, propane and natural gas-powered generators and all the associated power gear needed to run an event - all complimentary of course.

All Access Sound is a fully integrated, turnkey audio solution that can be deployed almost anywhere, and if needed, with very little notice.

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