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All Access Sound Story

I have been a music aficionado and sound geek all my life, and producing exceptional sound experiences has been a longtime pleasure.  Many times, I've witnessed the astonishing power of sound, music, and oration.  Good vibrations amplified, make for better experiences, especially the meaningful events of life. 
All Access Sound is not trying to serve all clients, markets or territories, goodness knows there are outstanding providers here in the greater Portland Oregon area that are best suited for the big, bigger and biggest events.  No, we wish to focus on smaller, highly localized, and more intimate events, that need extra individual attention, care, understanding and enthusiasm for the project.  We strive to deliver everything you need with excellence, and nothing you don't, all at a value-oriented price.

Utilizing our exemplary audio technology and capabilities, you are certain to release good energy, frequency vibrations and love to your audience.  Our clients seek exceptional quality sound, and we strive to exceed their expectations, by delivering to your event site, the highest professional audio quality at a reasonable cost. 
Please allow us to produce a remarkable experience for you and yours.

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